Base class all modules inherit from

class bashfuscator.core.mutators.mutator.Mutator(name, mutatorType, description, sizeRating, timeRating, notes, author, credits, evalWrap, unreadableOutput=False)[source]

Base class that all Mutators inherit from. Automatically generates a longName attribute that is used to choose Mutators on the command line, and stores a bashfuscator.common.random.RandomGen object.

  • name (str) – Name of the Mutator
  • mutatorType (lowercase str) – child Mutator’s type
  • notes (str) – any additional information useful to know when using the Mutator
  • author (str) – creator of the Mutator
  • credits (str) – whom or where inpiration for or the complete method of mutation was found at. Should be the name/handle of the person who inspired you, and/or a link to where you got the idea from. See bashfuscator.lib.token_obfuscators.AnsiCQuote for an example